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St. Lucia's Cathedral needs to raise
Rs 40 million (US$400,000) for its restoration.
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St Lucia's Day Celebrations

10th December is a memorable day for us.
The day is be celebrated with special prayer
and activities that bring the community
together. A day to remember, a day to rejoice. Its a day that renews our spirit and binds us together in harmony.

Last updated: 05 June, 2008
Welcome to St. Lucia's Cathedral
Creating the illusion of ascending to the heavens,
St. Lucia’s Cathedral stands tall with its rich history and architectural value – with the majesty of its dome, the gracefulness of its vault and its breathtaking stained glass windows.

Established since 1760, what sets it apart is not just its overwhelming vastness, but
as a very special place of prayer and worship. Today, St. Lucia’s Cathedral is the spiritual centre of the Roman Catholic Church of the Colombo Archdiocese. Its spiritual atmosphere, shaped by the legacy left behind by early Oratarian Missionaries, is what gives devotees a deep closeness to God. It continues to nourish those who have sought comfort within her walls.

I hope that your visit to our website gives you a sense of the beauty and historical value of the Cathedral. We also take great pleasure in warmly inviting you to personally visit this grand edifice that has stood the test of time.

Rev. Fr. Tony Martyn,
Parish Priest, St. Lucia’s Cathedral

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